Thursday, October 24, 2013

Simple Halloween Ghostly Lunch Ideas!

BOO! Here are some simple Halloween ghostly bento school lunch ideas! :)

I decided to do a round up of a few of the ghost lunches we've made these past weeks! I know I don't take pictures of all the lunches I make, but these were my favorites. I did share some of these lunches on my Facebook page and Instagram, but I never got around to posting them here, so here they are! :)

Ghostly Pancakes for Lunch:
We love breakfast in our house, and when Eliana asked for more "breakfasts for lunch with shaped pancakes" I decided to make her some cute and easy ghost pancakes to put in her lunch.

In Eliana's EasyLunchbox I made her a simple breakfast for lunch.  She had three ghost pancakes. In the mini dipper beside them I put some syrup so she could dip them and she also had some Enjoy Life granola (in the small red container) to mix into her yogurt.  I gave her raspberries and she also had some yogurt in another mini dipper.  I froze that yogurt overnight to place into her lunch the next day so that it was perfectly thawed out by lunchtime.

Ghostly {egg?} Bento Lunch:
Since I don't have an actual ghost cookie cutter I got creative and used what I do have.. for this lunch I decided to try my egg cookie cutter... and well what I got was an egg... a ghost decorated egg... I wasn't that impressed but Eliana seemed to like it, so that works for me!  Her ghost sandwich was ham and cheese topped with another piece of cheese.  I slightly cut the bottom of the cheese to make it look like a ghost.  Next to the ghostly egg sandwich is a babybel cheese.  I decorated both the sandwich and cheese with my edible food markers for the faces.

She also had a cucumber with "BOO" carved out and some raspberries with a Jack-O-Lantern pick inside a spider silicone cup, all packed in her EasyLunchbox.

Ghostly yubo bento school lunch:
This was another simple one! Packed in her yubo lunchbox Eliana has a yet another ghostly lunch. I made a ghost sandwich, cut with a circle cookie cutter, filled with WOWBUTTER, and topped with cheese.  I used melted Enjoy Life Chocolate chips (nut free and peanut free) to make the ghost's face.

On the right she has vanilla yogurt with two mini chocolate chip eyes.  Below the yogurt she has an apple ghost!  At her field trip the other week we went to the orchard and picked apples, so these are the last of the apples! I put apple slices underneath a a round slice of apple and decorated it with raisins (from our Enjoy Life seed mix).  Eliana also had some nut free granola in a mini dipper inside that pumpkin silicone cup so that she could add to her yogurt.  She didn't finish this lunch at school but she finished it when she got home.

And last, but not least, you can always add a cute little touch to your lunches by making ghostly cheese and crackers!
You can use your favorite crackers with your favorite white cheese.  Here I used Ritz Crackers and Provolone cheese.  Since I don't have any ghost cookie cutters I found inspiration from this post, where she uses a tulip cutter upside down to make a ghost shape! Its a brilliant idea and it works great! So I used a tulip cutter, and flipped them upside down and used edible food markers to draw the faces!  This would be a cute and easy snack for kids to make themselves too!

Eliana loved all of these ideas for school lunches and they were so simple to make! 


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